Thursday, March 13, 2008

More details...

Yes, indeed Zoe had a wonderful birthday. We flew out to Colorado for the weekend so she could spend her special day with more people than her mommy and daddy. She was surrounded by many people that love her. Unfortunately none of my family were close enough to join us. We'll be going to see each of them throughout this next year though.

We started the festivities on Saturday by going to the Denver Aquarium. It's quite a nice place with several displays of fish and other aquatic animals. She enjoyed watching the otters play and watching all the fish swimming. Every once in a while she'd say "ish" and point to the tank. She was quiet in awe most of the afternoon. We took turns holding her and pushing her in the stroller. Matt's dad, brother Michael and his wife Jennifer, sister Rhianna and her husband Clayton and Clayton's dad went with us.

Then, on Sunday, amidst the snowstorm, we celebrated with a party. Some friends from church were supposed to come out, but the bad weather prevented them. Services were cancelled for the day, so we didn't expect anyone to get out. I had made a 6 inch 3-d bear cake for Zoe. Actually I made 2. The first one didn't work out so well so we had to make another using a different mix. My sis-in-law, Jennifer, showed me how to do the icing, so I went to work. I'm proud of my first attempt at cake decorating. :) See the previous post for Zoe's reaction to the cake. FUN!

Zoe also decided to take her first steps on Sunday. She went between me and Matt a couple of steps before collapsing on him. Of course we didn't have the video camera out.

On Zoe's actual birthday we went into Denver to the outlet mall to get some clothes. She rode with me on the merry-go-round.

Happy Birthday Zoe!

For more pictures click here.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Zoe's First Birthday Party

Here's the video of Zoe's party at my parent's house. The party consisted of Zoe being the center of attention, treating her cake like a stuffed animal and having a great time! She also took her first steps over the weekend and has become more daring every day since. I'm sure Jenny would post more details but she fell asleep on the couch over an hour ago...