Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Atlanta Ocean :)

While we were in Alabama visiting my parents, Matt had to go to London on business. Zoe talked to him on the phone and he told her he was across the Atlantic ocean. So, she turned a laundry basket into a boat so she could sail across the Atlanta ocean to see her Daddy. :) Too cute! Album: Alabama trip, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zoo fun

Before it got too cold to be outside we took a trip to the zoo. We've had a bunch of baby animals born this year, so it was neat to see them out and about. There were tiger triplets, baby snow leopard, baby elephant, giraffe, and orangutan. I think the coolest part of the day was being able to feed the giraffes.

Halloween fun

Yes, I'm way behind. Here are a few pictures of the family having fun with out holiday traditions.

This year was Matt's turn to clean out the pumpkin and I got to carve the face. I found this really cool stencil for the face, but of course it was a failure, so I had to resort to the triangle eyes and goofy grin. I didn't take a picture of this year's creation. :)

Our neighborhood has a common area that we line up in while the kids come around to collect candy. It keeps them from going door to door. Zoe was a princess. It was pretty cold, so we all had to bundle up. Being the forgetful mommy I am, I didn't even take a picture of Aspen all bundled up. Oh well. She was wrapped warmly and pushed around in the stroller. We went to a few houses in the neighborhood for Zoe to trick-or-treat. One lady had a glow stick in her candy bucket so Zoe sweetly asked "Can I have that?" I don't think the lady intended on giving it away, but how can you resist such a sweet request. She used it as a guide to find the rest of the houses we visited that evening.

Here's a picture of Aspen for posterity, and one of the girls in their matching pj's. Aspen isn't too happy about this picture. :)