Saturday, July 12, 2008

Go to the zoo?

I ventured out with Zoe on Friday to the zoo while Matt went to work. It was a nice cool morning and not too crowded. The animals were out playing and making all sorts of noise. Zoe’s latest obsession is with the gorilla. I think it’s her favorite animal by far. There’s this statue of a gorilla outside the ape house that is as tall as I am. When she saw it she started squealing and beating her chest making gorilla noises. You’ll have to check out the videos from the day. Then, when we actually saw the gorilla she tried to climb up the gate to get to it. Fortunately she’s too little to have any success!

We also rode the train on this trip. When we were walking through the discovery zone where it is she heard the whistle and saw it coming and got all excited. She started squealing “Ride the train!” It’s not a very long ride, but just long enough to keep her attention. She’s turning into such a big kid.

Zoe’s talking up a storm, and you can actually understand her most of the time. She’s saying sentences like “Where did it go?”, “There it is.”, “Ride the train.”, “Go to the zoo.”, “Daddy eat!” It’s really cute, and amazing. She understands so much!

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Ash said...

I wonder how Zoe would do with Australian animals. We don't have anything nearly as fierce as a Gorilla!