Monday, July 13, 2009

Matt's 32nd birthday

I'm pretty sure Matt has had a good birthday week. It started with cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Monday. Unfortunately he had to go to work early that morning, but that's life.

We discovered that someone (we still don't know who) attempted to tp the house. Thankfully it was only one string of streamer attached right above the garage. We don't have a ladder, so it would have been difficult to clean things up. Thanks whoever you are!

I attempted to make another cake. This time it was an orange jello cake, and yet again it was somewhat of a failure. It tasted good, but it stuck in the pan. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Zoe didn't care, she just wanted to help blow out the candles and have a piece.

Then I grilled shrimp for the first time. Matt said it turned out great. I don't like them, so I'll have to take his word for it.

Wednesday company descended on the house. Our good friend Brian from Ft. Worth, TX and Matt's sister Rhianna and her husband Clayton and Ainsley from Colorado came. The guys went out for a 3 day camping/fishing trip while us girls hung around town. They all caught fish, saw some wildlife, and got thoroughly exhausted together. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of their trip.

Now we're back to life as usual. We're getting ready for the arrival of Aspen in 5 weeks. Time is flying by and we're nowhere near ready for a new baby in the house. Lots to do!

Check back later for pictures of what the girls did over the weekend.

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Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Jen, I spray my pans with Pam real well, sometimes dusting them with flour and emptying the remaining dust. Try and see if this helps :)

much love to you!!! Miss Nancy