Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Halloween fun

Yes, I'm way behind. Here are a few pictures of the family having fun with out holiday traditions.

This year was Matt's turn to clean out the pumpkin and I got to carve the face. I found this really cool stencil for the face, but of course it was a failure, so I had to resort to the triangle eyes and goofy grin. I didn't take a picture of this year's creation. :)

Our neighborhood has a common area that we line up in while the kids come around to collect candy. It keeps them from going door to door. Zoe was a princess. It was pretty cold, so we all had to bundle up. Being the forgetful mommy I am, I didn't even take a picture of Aspen all bundled up. Oh well. She was wrapped warmly and pushed around in the stroller. We went to a few houses in the neighborhood for Zoe to trick-or-treat. One lady had a glow stick in her candy bucket so Zoe sweetly asked "Can I have that?" I don't think the lady intended on giving it away, but how can you resist such a sweet request. She used it as a guide to find the rest of the houses we visited that evening.

Here's a picture of Aspen for posterity, and one of the girls in their matching pj's. Aspen isn't too happy about this picture. :)

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