Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Christmas Story...finally

Zoe's first Christmas went pretty smoothly. She's a spoiled child for sure. Her Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents were very generous and now we have more toys than her toy box can hold at the moment. It's time to do some sorting. Zoe's been real good to leave the tree alone and just wave at it (which is incredibly cute). Matt and I opened our presents the night before so we could focus on her and keep the paper out of her mouth. That's quite a challenge! She decided she had waited long enough to open gifts, so she started tearing into one before Matt finished getting the video camera set up.

I think we're going to copy my sister and her family and get Christmas pajamas every year. She's just too cute in her pj's. I'm surprised the hat stayed on for as long as it did. :) Matt's present to me for our anniversary and Christmas was to paint and decorated our bedroom. It's beautiful! I'll get pictures of it soon to share.

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Anonymous said...

She is really cute in the PJs! anna