Saturday, January 26, 2008

Youth activities

We took the youth group to the Solitude Nordic Center today with a few other adults from church to do some snowshoeing. In case you don't know what that is, you strap these awkward shoes onto your feet so you can go hiking through the snow. We had a really fun time.

Only 6 kids showed up, but in some ways a small group is more fun. We couldn't take the church van due to some mechanical issues, so we split up into cars and made the trek. The snow base up there is 72 inches. The hike we took was around a frozen lake and through the woods. It was a perfect day for a hike. Around 30 degrees with clear skies and just a little breeze.

Matt and I had to get some ski pants and boots, but they came in handy and will be used a lot. I've never skied, having grown up in south Texas, so I'm really enjoying our time in the snow. Zoe loves being out in it, but we didn't take her today. She stayed with some friends from church and had a blast at their house. I think this might become an annual event on the youth calendar. We're exhausted, but are already planning another trip before the snow starts to melt. :)

Click here to see our pictures.

Back row left to right: Justin Robinson, Gary Dowdy, Garrett Dowdy, Matt Crill, Jenny Crill, Griffin Howard

Front row left to right: Mona Greene, Kasey Greene, Brenda Dowdy, Melanie Howard, Michael Benshoof

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