Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chinese New Year

We have some friends here, Paul and Anna, who are from Singapore. They are celebrating the Chinese New Year and invited us over for dinner last night. Sadly, Zoe started running a 101.9 fever, so we had to go to the doctor instead. Needless to say we were disappointed that things didn't go as planned. Thankfully Zoe seems to be better this morning. Anna made dinner and packed it up for us. We had a spinach salad with mushrooms and yellow peppers and an interesting dressing. She also made sweet and sour pork and rice on banana leaves. Very yummy. For desert we had almond tofu with longan. It was like a sweet chilled soup. The longan tasted similar to pears. It was all delicious. Unfortuantely we didn't get to enjoy it with our friends. We did show Zoe the gifts they prepared for her this morning. Here's a video of her playing with the Chinese Rattle Drum. Thanks Paul and Anna!


Aunt Elaine said...

Aunt Elaine sends her love and thanks for sharing such precious events. Since we can't be where you are it is so nice to be able to enjoy Zoe through videos and pics.

tjmummy said...

you're most welcome! hope Zoe will remember us when she plays with that.. :-)