Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saying goodbye

We had to say goodbye to some very dear friends recently. We've been living in Utah for a year and a half now, and in that time Paul and Anna Goh and their boys have become some of our closest friends here. They are from Singapore and were here while Paul studied bow making in Salt Lake City. Now, Paul is going to be working to open a factory in China. Anna and the boys returned to Singapore while waiting on the final plans to be made for their move to China.

The Gohs were one of the first people to meet our precious Zoe.

Anna has been my outing buddy with the kids.

Anna has also been a wonderful teacher for Zoe's bible class.

Titus was a fun student to teach in my Wednesday bible classes.

Titus and Justus have been two of Zoe's first friends. She misses running on the ramp at the church building with them.

Paul is a wonderful song leader, very knowledgable in the scriptures, and a lot of fun to play Nintendo with. :)

We will miss you terribly! Here are the pictures from their going away fellowship at church.

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