Sunday, September 21, 2008

Antelope Island Balloon Stampede

Saturday morning we awoke to a blustery day. Of course it was windy... we were supposed to go watch the hot air balloons lift off and they won't go up if the weather isn't right! Just like the last festival we went to, a cold front was blowing in, promising to mess up our plans. Fortunately the wind subsided for a little while and our outing wasn't a bust.

We drove out to Antelope Island, on the Great Salt Lake, even though the wind was blowing pretty hard. Several people were leaving as we drove in. Their loss. We stuck around for a little while, looking at the typical festival booths, and were rewarded for our patience. We witnessed four balloons being filled and three of them launching. It's a neat thing to witness if you never have. The whole process takes timing. As soon as the balloon is filled you'd better be ready to go. It's hard to keep the balloon on the ground for very long if it isn't tethered.

Zoe was pretty interested and just patiently watched. She liked seeing the balloons float up into the sky and would exclaim "Balloon up in sky!"

Afterward we stopped at McDonald's for brunch and to let Zoe play. She enjoyed playing basketball with her daddy in the play land area. They have so much fun together. Matt took off to go fishing for the afternoon and Zoe napped while I enjoyed three thunderstorms rolling in. We got a lot of much needed rain, and I got to enjoy the rare thunder and lightening. I do love a good storm. (Especially now that we're out of the threat of tornadoes)

All in all, it was a fun Saturday.

Enjoy the pictures!


Me said...

I, too, love storms and would like to see a tornado racing across the plains, with no harm to anyone or dwellings, mind you! Have a beautiful week!

Me said...

Visit my blog :) you've been tagged!