Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labor Day fun

This year we were blessed to be able to go to Lovelady, TX to visit our friends. We went last year, but this year's attendance was probably twice that of last year. I think there were 34 of us that stayed at the Rollo's house. We had a full house on Saturday with friends from Fort Worth and Lovelady coming for fajitas and games. I think the adults were close to being outnumbered by the children. :) Well, maybe not, but there were a lot of kids running around. It's a fun sound to hear children playing together.

Zoe enjoyed being around all the children. We have a book of pictures of all our Texas friends that we went over and over with her before we left, so she was able to identify a lot of people. By the end of the weekend she was calling people by their names without having to be prompted. Even now, when we look at pictures she knows who people are. She's just amazing.

Zoe had her first exposure to fishing. Well, she's been with us on hikes before when Matt's fished, but this time she actually got to hold the rod. Matt let her "help" him with his pole for a little while. They I tried to show her how with a kiddie pole. We tried to cast, and of course she wanted to do it herself. She swished the thing around a few times and then threw the entire pole into the pond. Brian and Howard were frantically trying to get it out before it sank and someone had to go for a swim. Thankfully they were successful in retrieving the pole without getting wet. We quickly ended our fishing lesson after that. :)

We had a lot of fun and hope we're able to go again next year. Check out our pictures at

and our friend Jenny's pictures at

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