Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're back!

After a two week escape from reality, we're finally home. And what have we returned to? Lots of snow. I know it's no where near as much snow as my sister got in Spokane, but it's still a lot of snow. In fact, it snowed ALL DAY here. Poor Matt had to shovel the driveway when he got home from work today. This is definitely one of the downfalls of living in this area.

We're working on getting Zoe to not squeal and scream so much. At the moment it's a losing battle. She gets so excited she just can't control herself. She's been yelling her ABC's and other nursery rhymes. She's proud of herself for knowing these things, and we are too, we just don't want her to yell them out. We caught her at dinner tonight singing Baa, Baa Black Sheep.



Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that's the cutest thing i've seen in forever! you're lucky she can talk, jenna isn't even to that stage yet! Jessica Van Winkle

tjmummy said...

I had so much fun listening to her, I played it over twice! Her hair has grown so much since.. So beautiful.