Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poor, sick baby

Zoe's sick, and has been since Saturday night. She had so much fun playing in the garden during the day, but that night she started to run a fever. Well, the fever lasted until Tuesday afternoon reaching as high as 102.4. Then, on Wednesday morning she woke up with a terrible, blotchy rash all over her chest and neck. So, I took her to the doctor. He said it's viral, so we just have to wait it out. It's not a raised rash at least, and it doesn't seem to be itchy. It just looks awful. Today it's spread to her face and legs. The doctor didn't say it's contagious, but I'm keeping her in just in case. I'd hate to get our friend's kids sick.

And, the doctor said one of her ears is pink and she still has lingering sinus problems. So...he put her on another round of stronger antibiotics. She had just finished Amoxicillin for the sinus problems, but it wasn't strong enough to kick it out completely. I hope by the end of next week she's back to her normal perky self. She's been pretty moody and clingy this week.

My poor sweet baby.

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Anonymous said...

hey girl, my baby girl on the 11th this month went to the emergency room with a temp of 103.8 and they found out she had an awful ear infection and some kind of bacteria in her blood. she's all better now and she just finished up on amoxocillian, and the bacteria thing is past now, but just want to say i can sympathize with how you feel about zoe! love ya, Jessica Van Winkle