Monday, April 21, 2008

Such a hard worker...

I have to say that my husband is one of the hardest working men I know. Not only does he work 9 hour days and travels to California several times a month, he also finds time to take care of his family, stay active at church, and do sweet things for me.

This weekend, after a long week at work, he spent all day Saturday creating two flower beds from scratch. Friday night one of his co-workers came over to help him remove the sod from 4 beds. Then after breakfast on Saturday Matt set out to digging up the two in the front yard. This is no easy task! We have hard clay for soil and lots of rocks. I tried to get out and help dig while Zoe napped, but I'm too weak to make much progress. So, I just hacked apart the clumps with a hoe while Matt did the digging. The results are beautiful.

Right in front of the house we planted a daphne shrub, some day lilies, shasta daisies and some ornamental grasses. We filled in with a few annual plants (I'm not sure what kind they are). On the front side of the house we put in two more rose bushes. The house came with two small rose shrubs that are red. We decided to add a little more vibrant colors to those. The front bed should bloom later this summer. The daphne already has a few white blooms on it.

Now we have to attack the back yard! We're going to put in some more shrubs along the back of the house and fill in a corner with some other interesting plants. Hopefully we don't have a bunch of dead plants by the end of the summer. :)
You can see the pictures of the progression here.

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