Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our new baby...

...NO, I'm not pregnant. :) But, we did get a new car this weekend. We traded in our Civic for a 2006 CR-V, and we love it. We decided that since we were planning on more kids, and we already fill the car up even on short road trips, we needed something a little bigger. Hence, the new car. Plus, the dealer here sent a letter offering to buy the Civic, and then offered us a good deal on the CR-V. We're happy, and Zoe has more room, and I can keep the stroller in the trunk and still have room for stuff.
In other news, we're organizing. We bought shelving and a tool chest for the garage. This entire spring/summer I haven't been able to park in the garage because of all the junk. Matt's been working on the Mustang, and we had all the gardening tools and supplies in my parking space. So, we put together shelves last night and started loading them. Once we get the empty boxes hauled off to the dump I can start parking in the garage again, which will be nice since the new car has black leather interior and it's still hot here.
I guess that's all for now. :)

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