Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun August

We've had a fun month. We've been to the Treehouse museum, the zoo, the park (several times), a balloon festival, a new garden in Salt Lake City, picked strawberries at a local farm, and worked in our own garden.

The Treehouse Musem in Ogden is a really cool building with tons of fun stations for the kids to explore. We have yet to visit all of the stations, there's just too many for one day! This time Zoe discovered the train room. There are a couple of tables with magnetic trains you can build and pull on tracks. There's also a big train made out of foam blocks that the kids can climb on. Obviously a room the little boys love, but a few girls were found there too.

Every year there is a hot air balloon festival in the Ogden canyon area. We decided to go out to watch the evening launch with Zoe on a Friday night. Unfortunately a cold front was blowing in, so the wind kept the balloons from going up. We still had fun listening to live music and running through the field. Zoe particularly liked chasing a kite some kids were flying.

I went to Idaho for a ladies day so Matt kept Zoe for the entire day. They ventured out to the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City in the morning. You'll notice in the pictures that Zoe's wearing a sweater, in AUGUST! Crazy weather here! Zoe had fun chasing squirrels, climbing on stone lizards she called iguanas, planting plastic vegetables, playing in the fountain, and having a picnic with her daddy.

She's becoming quite a little helper around the house. I gave her my old swiffer broom so she could help me clean up after dinner one night. She enjoyed pushing it around the floor while I got the real work done. :) She's also helping me in the garden some. Helping is a lose term. She steps on the plants and squats down next to me while I pull weeds. She also waters my shoes with the watering can. We have a few strawberry plants in our back yard that have actually produced a little fruit. The variety we planted tastes like honey. They're yummy and it's all I can do to get the things washed before Zoe gobbles them up. Hopefully next year we'll have a bigger crop.

That about sums it up for this month. Tomorrow we leave for our friends reunion in Texas. We're very excited to see everyone and catch up!

Check out the pictures that go along with our stories here.


Wasatch Young Pros said...

ahh, wish i can try the strawberries, and join you on those excursions. wow. matt did so well with her that full day too. he must be very proud of himself! :-0

Lynne Griffies said...

Sounds like y'all have had a very busy August! The pics were great. Imagine--a sweater in August!!!!! And I think you got a green thumb from your mom. :)

By the way, I tagged you for 6 random things about yourself (see my blog)

Nancy Hood said...

I really appreciate being able to have internet and keeping up with those I enjoy being around and wondering about!! She's beautiful and I envy the sights you've seen!!