Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too funny!

Last night, on the way home from Bible class, we decided to stop at Starbucks for a treat. Our Starbucks parking lot is adjacent to the Walmart lot. As soon as we turned in Zoe exclaims, "Go Walmart!" Then, while waiting at the window for our drinks she cries out, "Chicken nuggets?"

What have I done to my daughter?! I don't know where she came up with chicken nuggets. We don't eat out that often, and when we do, it's not drive-thru. I have to admit that we do frequent Walmart several times in a week. Maybe it's time to take a break from the shopping. :)


Wasatch Young Pros said...

hahaha... she's such fun, and it's good she talks so much. you get many more funny moments!

Wasatch Young Pros said...

ooh, sorry, it's tjmummy using paul's laptop, which is signed in as WYP... haha