Thursday, April 16, 2009

A historic day

Well, I have officially moved Zoe from a crib to a toddler bed. Actually, I just turned her crib into a daybed by taking the front off. I decided upon this when Zoe was getting frustrated about getting a toy out of the crib. She never would climb in and out of the crib, so we really could have left her in it. However, she couldn't get to what she wanted in her bed, so I thought this was best. And yes, I did the switch over all by myself while Matt was at work.

She took her nap in the new bed this afternoon and did ok, so we'll see how bedtime tonight goes. Of course, she really enjoys the new freedom. She wouldn't settle down for nap time this afternoon, so I just left her in her bed and closed the door. I could hear her running around in her room upstairs. And then I heard something make a really loud noise. It turns out that she was throwing her shoes around her room. Fortunately no damage was done. So after a diaper change and a few minutes of rocking she settled down and slept fine. Matt's going to be on his own to put her down tonight. I wish him luck.

Zoe's figured out how to open doors, so we've added a contraption to keep her from doing this on a few crucial doors. One of these is on the inside of her bedroom. You can imagine her frustration when she can't practice her new skill.


Nancy said...

ah, I remember putting a mattress down below Jenny's crib to keep her from hurting herself when she climbed out :) and the heartache when she finally slept the first night in her own bed ~

Uncle Ash said...

I see Gorilla has pride of place!