Sunday, April 12, 2009

Treehouse museum and gardening

We've been having a lot of fun now that spring has decided to show up.
The Treehouse museum in Ogden had a Peter Rabbit party for toddler time, so Zoe and I went. I thought she'd love seeing Peter Rabbit. I was very wrong. She's never seen someone dressed up as a character before, except for her friends at Halloween. This nice girl was dressed up as Peter and wandered through the museum during play time and then joined us for story time. Every time Zoe saw her she ran to me and was whimpering in my lap. We had to leave story time early because she was so scared. Poor baby.
She did have fun playing in the exhibits though. One of her favorites is the garden area. She planted corn and carrots and turnips in the "dirt" and then harvested her veggies for Mommy.

A couple of days later we bought flowers for our garden. She picked out some purple ones to sit on our back stairs and helped me plant them in pots. She loves playing in the dirt and helping us in the garden. She carried plants to Matt and helps dig holes. Dirty but fun. She's certainly not a prissy girl.

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