Sunday, April 12, 2009

Painting, field trips and jewels

Zoe has become a very active two year old. She loves to do art projects, so I let her try out the watercolors. We've been talking about painting on the house, so she's been wanting to paint. Here's the safe way to let her do that. :)

She told me that she was painting a gorilla. She did a good job not mixing the paint up and remembering to dip her brush in the water. I need to get a portfolio for all her masterpieces.

We had Matt's brother Michael and his wife Jennifer and their son Nehemiah in town for the weekend, so we took the kids on a field trip to the aquarium. Melissa, Travis, Holly and Heather(friends from church) met us there for and outing and lunch. The girls all had a good time. I don't think Nehi had much of an opinion. Zoe's favorites were the frogs and the piranha. I don't like this aquarium very much. It's really small and expensive. But, the kids like it. One day we'll make it to the Atlanta aquarium. One day.

Matt thought it would be funny to take pictures of the pregnant girls eating ice cream sundaes. We had fresh strawberries and bananas with it, so it was a "healthy" treat. :)

And lest you forget, our child is in fact a little girl. She got this play jewelry from her bible class teacher and had to put it all on. The earrings didn't stay on for long. She loved the ring that came with it, but it got left in the floor, and then stepped on and broken, so it is no longer in her collection.

Ah, the fun of childhood. We're loving this stage.

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tjmummy said...

Oh is Melissa also pregnant? Wow, it must be fun being preggy together. :-)

Zoe has again grown so much. I marvel always when I see new pics.

You're looking really good, hope you feel good the rest of the pregnancy too! I see that you are enjoying yourself indeed! I miss Ben and Jerry's, none over here!