Monday, November 5, 2007

Fun in parenting

OK, so what's the fun of being a parent if you can't enjoy introducing new things to your children. Zoe has taken to ice water. She loves to drink it from Mommy's cup, and coincidentally has learned how to drink out of her own sippy cup now. This week we've had a few new flavors added to the mix: Lemon and caramel apples. No, I did not let her eat the caramel. I was eating an apple and she decided she wanted some. So, she scooted herself over to me and sat in front of me and let me know she wanted some. I let her lick my apple, which she loved. She couldn't get a bite with the 3 teeth she has, but it won't be long. The lemon was given to her to play with at the restaurant on Sunday. She only took one lick of that and then threw it on the floor.

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