Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An overdue update

Well, we're in Colorado for the week. It's always harder to keep everyone update when we're away from the house. And of course, we left the cord to download the pictures in Utah, so pictures will follow when we get home next week. Zoe did well on our drive out. What would take people without children 8 hours took us 10. We were able to stop every couple of hours to take a break, which made all the difference. If you ever think about driving through Wyoming, don't. It's the most desolate place I've been.

We're at Matt's parent's house, and as always we're surrounded by lots of people. Zoe's done well considering her world it mostly just me and Matt. It's taken her a little while to get warmed up to people, but if you'll read her a story she'll be happy. We went up to Estes Park on Monday to walk around and do some shopping. There's this really cool stuffed animal shop that looks like Noah's ark. We got Zoe a few stuffed animals that she's truly enjoying playing with (as are her Aunt's and Uncles). :)

We got several inches of snow last night. It was only 28 degrees today. Brrrrrrr! Zoe went out with Papa to get the newspaper and stuck her hand in the snow. I think we'll take her out in it tomorrow afternoon to get a longer experience.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Lot's of people and food! Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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